Independent Constitutionalists UK


The Independent Constitutionalists UK (ICUK) are a movement and political process to create a Constitution for the UK that instils integrity into Parliamentary debates, offers citizens participative representative democracy, voters a proportional electoral system and the people the means to build a just economy that reduces inequality and conserves and replenishes planetary resources.

Following Britain's next general election, even as few as 50 Constitutionalist and other Independent MPs could influence the balance of power in Westminster.

ICUK offers a strategy for candidates and voters, acting together, to repossess our parliamentary system and begin to promote an inclusive political-economy through genuine systemic change.

Your participation in this new Political Movement could help to create:

  • A culture of political independence, accountable representation and integrity in our Westminster Parliament;
  • A written and living Constitution for our people;
  • Genuinely democratic self-government through subsidiarity, devolution and effective citizen participation;
  • And, over time, a People's Political-Economy of Inclusive Trusteeship.

We aim:

  • to use the system, to become the system, to change the system, to recover Trust;
  • to facilitate cooperative synergies with and among all those seeking genuine political and economic change in the UK and beyond.

Our Strategy Forum meets monthly in central London and all are invited to participate in its work in person or by email. In addition to developing collaborative links with like-minded activist groups, the Forum aims to promote countrywide discussion of key issues for the future (see herewith our Declaration of Purpose & Explanatory Notes): for example, extra funding from ground rent for the NHS and public transportation, reform of the electoral, banking and tax systems, a citizen’s rent dividend (a basic income), and policies that conserve and sustain Earth resources.

To tell us about yourself, provide feedback or email our Moderator (Michael Mulvey), please go to our CONTACT page

We are convinced that with your help Governance by the people for the people is achievable.